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I have exchanged some emails with someone that in their own words:

“…. has a requirement for chocolate coated coffee beans. The types of coatings we need are milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut chocolate and caramel chocolate (layer of caramel covered by a layer of chocolate). We are also interested in spiced chocolate or chai flavors coating. The shape of the final product should maintain the shape of the coffee bean. Is this possible? We will supply the roasted coffee beans to you but need your help to do the chocolate coatings. The requirements will 2000-5000 pounds per month…”

When I responded that it seems like a panning machine would do the job here, the potential customer seemed skeptical indicating that the resulting coated coffee beans need would to maintain the shape of the coffee bean, and that a panning machine would not work.

Any thoughts on this project? Follow-up questions I should ask? Estimated costs?   Thanks! John R.  Travel Chocolate LLC

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This would be a lot of manual labor but what about a coffee bean shaped mold where actual coffee beans serve as a "filling"?

Of course the mold's cavities would need to be large enough for the bean and space for a decent coating.

Thanks Adam, For the tip. I will check it out.  John R.


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