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hey there

does anyone have any idea or information about chocolate schools or institutes in which they offer courses about the production/making of chocolate from A to Z as well as fillings and the chemistry of chocolate a course for month or 3 with a degree or something close to that .

any help will be highly appreciated


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Dear adam
Thanks for the help but i think they only serve online courses i want an actual course
Thanks alot

ZDS in germany has one.

I wonder if there's sufficient critical mass to create a new one?


Priced right, located here in the US, and hands-on.

Absolutely yes.

I'd urge folks to start thinking about what they'd like to see, what priced right means, and what they'd like to learn.


That's a great topic. I started a new forum discussion just for that purpose.


Does anyone, by any chance, know of good chocolate courses in Hong Kong?


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