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Is it necessary to temper the chocolate for chocolate covered frozen bananas since they are kept in the freezer anyhow after they are dipped?

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We hand dip naked vanilla ice cream bars into E. Guittard chocolate. It's a special blend of chocolate and coconut oil. Talk to Jerry at Chocosphere. He has the ratio recipe or you can order a 55 pound pail of it already premixed. Much easier and less messy!

Thanks for the tip, but I want to dip the bananas into my semisweet nondairy Belgian chocolate. I guess the only way to decide is to try it and see what happens.

The addition of coconut oil (76 degree melt point) to your base chocolate will improve its resistance to cracking when the finished product is re-frozen.  Depending on how much coconut oil you add, it will be difficult to actually retain temper in the chocolate.  As you noted, the only way to determined what is acceptable from an appearance and texture perspective is to do some trials.

Thanks for your reply, Terry. I'll do some trial and error.


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