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Hi everyone! I owe a chocolate store 3 years now and have to close for personal reasons 1 year ago. As mentioned before in this forum people don’t know what they are getting into, is a tough business. During my operating time the business was ok, but not as lucrative as I thought. My chocolatier where mostly truffles oriented, people love our chocolates, started to distributing truffles on other stores and find that other sellers didn’t take care of our product and customers think it was pricey.

We don’t have a culture for fancy chocolate, although people recognize it when they taste product. Now I try to reopen just from a different perspective.

Just bars and distribute, cut all the retail myself as the local demand is not huge I will cut down some costs and place the business as a side income.

Try to come with a competitive product keeping its quality to compete with chemical global manufactures as a local, with the niche flavors.

I will like to hear any advice from you or if any one has initiated distribution, what was your  experience?

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