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I have an aversion to adding milk to my chocolate.  But I do want to enjoy a chocolate drink, both hot and cold.

Has anyone any advice on the best way to acheive this? I am normally using 65% or higher chocolate.

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I will give you my recipe tomorrow as I normally do it by eye and count, so would want to provide measurements. The important component though is either a hand frother or blender to smooth it out and create a nice foam on top.  Even though it uses water, I've given it to people who normally use milk and they enjoy it too.

Steve's Hot Chocolate Recipe:

For 1 serving:

1 ounce dark chocolate (this recipe used 75% in button form)

1/2 to 1 tsp sugar (adjust to taste if using 65% may not need to add as much sugar)

1 to 1 1/2 tsp dutched cocoa powder

1 to 1 1/2 tsp natural cocoa powder

6 to 8 ounces hot water

Place dry ingredients in cup.  Add water.  Wait a few moments for chocolate to melt.  Blend with frother or hand blender until smooth and foamy on top. 

The natural cocoa powder helps with creating foam while the dutch adds smoother taste.

Can also be made with sugar alternatives such as sweet and low, equal, or stevia powder, but I use less as these usually taste sweeter than sugar. 

Thanks Steve, I will try this recipe.

What you are doing is reducing the cacao butter content, by adding in cacao powder. It is therefore a slight compromise, if I want to offer single origin chocolate drinks, but I will have to see how much it compromises the Origin flavour.


Hi Julie,

I didn't realize that you were using single origin.  How about this for the chocolate to be the main component.

2 ounces single origin chocolate

5 ounces hot water

Place pieces in cup, add hot water, wait for chocolate to melt.  Blend with frother or hand blender until smooth and foamy on top.

If you want thicker use less water or more chocolate.  I tried with 71% and felt sugar wasn't needed (for my taste anyway).

That sounds similar to what I am using at present... your

2 ounces single origin chocolate (50gr)

5 ounces hot water (150ml)

whereas I am using 50gr chocolate, adding 50ml water to get the chocolate melted, blending and topping up with an extra 50ml water.  I do it that way, because melting the chocolate takes all the heat out of the water, so I find that I have to add extra hot water to raise the temperature of the drink.

So we are pretty much agreed on the hot version.  But the biggest problem that I have is in producing a cold version.

Cooling this drink quickly, cause it to thicken.

Cooling it slowly, the cocoa butter seems to form a waxy foam on the top of the drink, which I don't mind, but I can understand would not be popular with everyone.

For the cold version, are we talking about individual portion at once or storing a quantity and pouring into a cup for service as needed?  I have some ideas, I'll let you know the results when I have some time to try them out.

I was thinking per portion. But I am beginning to think that larger quantities would be the better way to go, offering a more stable repeatable product.

I made a preparation and it came out quite thick so if it is not re-blended, could also be used as a dessert on its own with the consistency of chocolate mousse or chocolate pudding.  For a beverage, may need to add more water than what I started with.  I kept it chilled for several days (which is why haven't responded findings until now) and it tasted as good as the first day .  I used a 75% from Ecuador, not sure what you are using, but if a lower percentage, probably could omit the sugar.  For testing, I tripled our original recipe above.  By blending with the immersion blender, it keeps the cocoa butter from separating and becoming a waxy.  Sorry if didn't get the metric right.

Chilled Chocolate (as tested):

15 ounces water (450 ml)

1.5 teaspons sugar (7 ml?) - if using 75% or higher, otherwise omit

6 ounces chocolate (170 gr)

If using sugar add to pot then

Bring water to boil

Remove from heat

Slowly add in chocolate

Stir till mostly disolved

Use an immersion blender and blend until smooth

Allow pot to cool

Refrigerate several hours or overnight

If using as a dessert, carefully spoon into bowl or dessert cup, otherwise reblend and pour into serving cup.

Let me know what you think/results.


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