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Hello Everyone!

I am Nancy Sobel from Long Island, NY.  I have been interested in chocolate since I was a child and have been making chocolates etc. for presents for many years now.  I am starting to think of it as a happier career choice.  I have enrolled in the chocolate intensive at ICE in NYC.  Has anyone here taken the course?  I am thinking of following it up with the Ecole Chocolat.  

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Nancy Sobel

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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has any information about or has taken the Chocolate and Confections continuing ed program offered by the CIA. I've seen a lot of reviews about Ecole Chocolat's online program, programs at FPS, ICE, etc. but I can't seem to find any reviews about the chocolate class at the CIA. I have been making chocolates for a few years now (both molded and dipped) but have been teaching myself out of books, and I thought it might be time for some formal instruction. I have really enjoyed Peter Greweling's Chocolate and Confections book because of the level of detail it offers, which is the reason I'm thinking of taking the CIA 5-day course.



Could you guys link the sites for the ICE and CIA programs, I can't seem to find either. I am interested in a intense several day program as I would be traveling from North Carolina to attend.


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