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Does anyone have a recipe for a good creamy fruit filling for my chocolate?  I'm thinking along the lines of mango or strawberry...but I need it to be able to keep for a while without refrigeration.

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A tip to increase shelf life would be to add a touch of liqueur (choose one to compliment the fruit you choose) to your ganache.
I tend to go with sorta fruit mayo, my recipes are very specific and depend on the exact fruit I have in hand, especially since things like pH change during the season, brix changes with ripeness, etc.

20-35% cocoa butter (gives it that "creamy" component without impacting flavor or increasing the water content)

50-65% fruit puree (pasteurized, I do this via sous vide and potentially at least somewhat reduced)

0-15% sweetener (this is for flavor, eg. fructose makes many fruits taste more fruity, melt, eg. xylitol for cooling/inulin for warming, or shelf-life such as sorbitol or glucose that effectively tie up loose water)

0-10% booze (for shelf-life or, more creatively to balance, enhance, or otherwise augment flavor)

0-3% pectin (helps with the mouth feel, giving body and a nice short texture. You have a few choices but personally I find yellow pectin, high methoxyl, slow set to typically be ideal in this application)

0.5-1.5% emulsifier stabilizer (lecithin, xanthan, mono&di-glycerides etc depending on the client, these help hold the fat and water together while keeping the fruit particulate matter, seeds, fiber, peel, etc, in suspension)

0-1% acid (citric, ascorbic, malic, tartaric depending on what you're looking for. Doctors taste and lowers pH to increase stability)

If you are feeling a little more traditional, try something like:

100 chocolate (doesn't matter what type, dark, milk, white)
60 fruit puree
25 butter
10 glucose
5 liqueur
2 sorbitol

0-20 cocoa butter to get the desired texture... more makes it more firm obviously.
This is great information...thank you both so much! I am going to start experimenting this weekend. Wish me luck.


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