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I have just asked a question, but forgot about this one. When I read another post (Sephra chocolate) it reminded me. Can I use any chocolate for a chocolate fountain? We want to have the taste of all our other chocolates which are going to be Valrhona. Will it work? The idea is to draw people to our stall with the fountain where they can dip something of their choice in the chocolate. Using it in the fountain it will obviously not be tempered. I hope we have not wasted a lot of effort on this one needlessly!

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Sorry I just want to ad to this question. If I use a blend of two Valrhona chocolates, the Equatoriale Noire as well as the Equatoriale Lactee that both have 37% fat, will it work in a Sephra fountian? Another possibility is another 50/50 mix of Guanaja and Guanaja lactee. Will it work, they have 42% and 41& fat in them.


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