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What is the best temperature to store chocolate liquor and can high temperatures (120 to 150 degrees F ) damaageit or cause it to go rancid.


Eddie Hernandez 



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it' unlikely that it will go rancid at those temperatures.  it will, however, begin to separate out and 'oil off'.  general rule of thumb - don't keep it hot longer than you need to, don't expose it to light longer than you need to, and keep it moving (or at least intermittent agitation).

Thanks for the info... If I am shipping it from Colombia to New York via Ocean freight does it need to  be in a refrigerated container or can I ship it in a dry container that may temperatures of 120 to 140 degree F.


Eddie Hernandez

I would use a refrigerated container, and you'll need to keep an eye on relative humidity as well.  You're shipping from a warm, high moisture environment to one that will soon be much colder, so you'll need to give thought as to how you're going to prevent it from 'raining' inside your shipping container.  Or growing mold.


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