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I'm looking to buy a seconed hand chocolate coating system or Enrober within USA . I would really apriciat it if any body knows of one or could help me.


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I've got a Chocoma tabletop enrobing line for sale in the classifieds section of this site.
Let me know if you're interested or want more information.
could please explain what this muchin does exactly !!


The web address for the manufacturer and an extensive listing of capabilities is listed in my ad in the "classified" section of this website. Basically, an enrobing line is a conveyor belt that goes over a tank of tempered chocolate. You put chocolate centers on one end, and they go over the tank while a curtain of chocolate pours over them (coating/enrobing them). There are many additional features (bottom-coating of the pieces, a blower and vibrating belt that removes excess chocolate, and a "detailer" that wipes excess chocolate from the bottom of the pieces). The chocolates come off the other end of the conveyor and end up on a paper-covered take-off table (where they can be decorated, etc.). Hope that this helps.


Do you still have your chocoma for sale?
Yes I do.

We have an enrober for sale. it's for the selmi tempering machines. Let us know if you're interested.

Thank you,  ~ Pamela

Hi Pamela i am very intrsted please tell me more about this machine

what makeis it

where are you  can you send me some pictures how big is the cooling tunel





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