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I need to create window display with chocolate products and I'm trying to find suitable materials. It is quite warm and summer heat will melt everything if it is real product. It should look good, real and keep the shape and do not change the appearance or colours ...Any advice/recommendation on what I can use to make and display my product? I tried searching faux chocolate products (a la sushi for display) and could not find anything good. Thank you.   

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I am not sure it will help you a lot but for fake food products I'd look at Japanese companies as there it is extensively used. There it is called: sampuru (サンプル) ... they use the English word "sample" but turn it Japanese

Here is a website that might help you:

Good luck.

Thank you Olivier, will try to search.

For molded items mix up some plaster of paris, pour into your molds then paint them after they have dried.


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