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I am from India and am facing problems while wrapping chocolates, especially during the summer season. I would like to mention that I do not have an air conditioner in my house, where the manufacturing process takes place. By the time I complete wrapping a few molded chocolates, the others become saggy, and I have to melt and mold them again.

I read somewhere that adding a bit of paraffin wax helps resolve this problem. Is this true. If not, can anybody please provide me with a solution? Thanks in advance.


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hi sanjay i am also from india. wax is not good some people have allergieswith wax. Im using air conditioner in summers its the best and healthy way.

Hi Balpreet, thanks a lot for your prompt reply. I have just shifted into a new residence and it will take me a minimum of 3-4 months (even after greasing palms), before I can get the electricity meter transferred in my name. I am not sure about the rules in your area (I'd guess Delhi, Haryana, Punjab), but in Kolkata, one cannot install an air-conditioner without permission from the electricity board and depositing an advance with them. To do that, I need the meter transferred in my name. :(

Hi sanjay,  ultimate solution for your problem is to reduce temprature in the moulding rooom. Before i suggest you something can u tell me how do u cool your chocolates after pouring into moulds? What is the room temprature now?

Hi Ramya, thanks a lot for replying. I cool the chocolates by putting the mould in the freezer for approximately 5 minutes. The room temperature is approximately 25 degrees right now and it goes up to 32 degrees during the afternoon.

Dear sanjay, I have few suggetions,  It is not good to cool chocolate in a freezer. I guess you are cooling  chocolate in a home fridge in the upper freezer compartment.  you try the same procedure, but after de-moulding keep the chocolates in the lower compartment, where temprature is higher,leave it ther for atleast 6 hours .  Then take out the chocolate and wrap , preferably morning when room temprature is lower.

Try this and let me know, keep in touch, good luck

sanjay, i forget to say that while you are keeping chocolate in the lower cabinet u should keep it in an air tight container, otherwise water molicules may condensate over chocolate,
Any way i think this is the first technical question asked here ( chocolate in India). Sanjay, Balpreet keep rallying......

Hi Ramya, Thanks in advance for the time and effort you all are spending for me. Yes, you are correct. I am cooling chocolates in the upper freezer compartment. Is there any alternative way of cooling it? I'll try what you said... leaving the chocolates in the lower compartment (after putting them in an air-tight container). However, keeping them for 6 hours might cause problems for me, especially if I receive a huge order.

The last time round, I had received an order got 80kgs which I had to complete in 8 days. I'm also on the lookout for dependable stores from where I can purchase moulds (both silicon and polyethylene) and other related stuff at reasonable prices.

Sanjay, In my experiance policarbonate moulds are better in long run, I think u can easly sorce it from some local dealers in your town. It is not very costly now a days. About INR 1200 per mould, cheaper china moulds are also available INR 300, not bad.

Ramya, OMG! I purchased polycarbonate moulds from Mumbai for just Rs.15 per piece. Obviously, their build quality is not so good and they do not last too long. I have seen Chinese silicon moulds advertised at extremely low prices. However, I am not sure if they will ship the goods once I pay them the money. If you want, I can share the details via PM. Not sure whether sharing a URL is permitted on this board.

I am also waiting for your reply to my other queries. I wish other knowledgeable members would participate. I do not know the other members apart from one Mrs. Manju Sethia. She is a legend. I wish she participated in this thread.

Hi Sanjay ,


Hi Sanjay,

             I fear you mistook polycarbonate moulds with cheaper Pvc moulds. Otherwise it is a great price.       And can you clarify me what are your other queries?

Hi Ramya, my other query was "I am cooling chocolates in the upper freezer compartment. Is there any alternative way of cooling it?" :)


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