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Chocolate more prominent in other media recently

First, chocolate: the game? I've run across a couple of games recently which feature chocolate as the main goal. Here's Chocolate Shop Frenzy for the iPhone:
This game has you running a chocolates shop. This game appears to fall under the sim/action puzzle genre.

There's also, Chocolatier, which requires you to build a chocolate empire from scratch:
This game also appears to be a sim type game, but more adventure education/learning.

Next, did anyone else see the new Kashi commercial, which heavily featured cacao processing?

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My 4 yr old son loves all the Chocolatier games (Chocolatier, Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredient, Chocolatier with a Twist). It's a blast to hear him talk about bars, squares, sauces, infusions, truffles, exotics and try to find the ingredients and recipes. One of his favorite chocolate combinations at home is dark chocolate with candied orange peel. So when he was able to "make" it on the Chocolatier games he was so excited. The games have also been a great learning tool for him because of the world travel involved in sourcing ingredients, setting up factories, and selling chocolates (he talks about the new places he wants to visit). Those games do have an educational component (certain characters mention some chocolate "facts" about growing conditions, history of chocolate, different flavors of different beans, etc.). Fun games.


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