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Chocolate on TV- lots to watch on Food Network this week!!

February is really the month for chocolate shows on TV - Im sure due to Valentine's Day coming up. There are a lot of Chocolate themed shows on Food Network starting this week and more to your TV Guide or Food Network listings online for complete schedules (please post and share what you find so we can all set our DVRs!).
What I know of so far:
Sat 2/7 8pm-11pm is 3 hours of Food Network Challenge and Iron Chef all with highly renowned chefs competing with chocolate, then again more competitions on Sun 2/8 from 8-11pm. One of these is the Choc Evening Gowns competition from the NYC Choc Show, and another is creating major city landmarks entirely of chocolate.....enjoy and please share what else you find!

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Ok here are 2 more shows to look out for, both on the History Channel:
Feb 12, 8-9pm, Modern Marvels: The history of Candy -includes the Hershey co. and See's Candy Co.....
Feb 13, 8-9pm, Modern Marvels: The history of Chocolate- includes the making of M&Ms and much more going back to the Aztecs....
I think these have been shown before but still fun to watch....Enjoy!
Amano Chocolate will be on the Food Network tonight on the show unwrapped. Lots of good shows this month. It's been fun so far.


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