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I see alot of the new organic chocolate companies using recyclable packaging (ex. Kallari) I've done my due dilligence but was struggling trying to find companies that provide packaging using recycled goods.

Any of your "DIY" ers come across these resources?

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Hi Justin, I did exhaustive research in this area as I planned all along to use only recyclable/recycled packaging as an extension of my organic, fair trade, sustainable & feature locally grown ingredients theme. Nashville Wraps and their Green Way Packaging subsidiary are fantastic, not too bad pricing for us DIYers; Fetpak (free shipping), you may want to look at Paper Mart..I know they had reasonable prices for kraft boxes but I cant recall whether they offered recyclabled materials, you may want to ask. A good place to search is the crafters website found my handmade origami giftboxes there at I already ordered my Christmas boxes from the artisan named Mickey, she made the boxes out of recycled Christmas cards, just fantastic! I have found the etsy artisans are very easy to work with quite willing to provide you with what you need. I found quite a few who made origami boxes from recycled cards and recyclable paper, but none photographed as sturdy and professionally as I have been very pleased with her work and speedy response.
There doesn't appear to be an You can visit them on Etsy to see their line.
Thanks Clay, you're
Working in the Print industry there are many paper suppliers you can buy direct from or whom have off cuts of a variety of papers stocks they either can't sell or are end of stock pieces. you can get them rather cheaply. You can even go to a local printer who has end of run stock that just sits idle that they would be happy to unload, sometimes free. Trick is to be creative in finding your sources.

Good luck


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