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I am looking to package my truffles and chocolates to one day sell but the only things I can find that fit are the standard white truffle boxes etc....boring in my opinion. The other option is gold, silver or black, again... my opinion kinda of old fashion. I would really like a rigid, recycled box ideally but can't find those unless i have them made, to expensive. I may be a little crazy but I want something that stands out not just for the chocolate but the packaging to, it would be great if it could be reused by the end customer. Any suggestions?

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I know what you mean. I hear this comment often. I couldn't find what I was looking for so I had it made. Expensive, yes, but I got exactly what I wanted, priceless!
I've seen others use tins and suggest their customers "refill" the tins by ordering more truffles/chocolates. I hope my customers keep my custom-made boxes and reuse them, "They are too nice to just throw away."
That's a good idea to refill. I looked at the tin boxes and they are the best bet so far. Good to know I'm not crazy and others have this problem too. The custom boxes would be perfect but I would be bummed if I went through all that effort for it to become land fill, which is what I want to avoid! I will keep searching! any other suggestions I am all ears.

Cocolat-chocolat has beautiful boxes. They are fairly expensive but I offer the customers a small credit to come recycle and refill the boxes and many do.
ah now we're talking, that's more up my alley, perfect thanks Melanie! A little pricey but then you are getting something nicer which I also think mentally reflects on the quality of your chocolates. just a visual thing. I'll have to look through it more and find something reasonably priced, I have a problem of having grande thoughts with a very small budget since I'm just starting out. But it's a step in the right direction...the search continues.
Oh I agree with you...I searched high and low and finally had to settle with chose the red with a gold stripe but they have not yet arrrived so i cannot tell you if they are what I want or not....I think the white ones in particular are BEYOND boring but just like you I am starting out and do not have the budget and it is not like the economy is such at the moment that you can make a lot of money straight away....
That's a great Idea. I have a bunch of their boxes with wood sides and the mahogany chests. Thye are expensive and we don't sell tons of them but a refund on the refill could really help. Thanks
I might start looking at some of the following sources:

Distant Village

Here are some Distant Village boxes sold through Nashville Wraps, part of a larger line of "eco-friendly" packaging.

Although I can't talk about the eco-friendly credentials of Nakazawa, they do offer a broad range of excellent stock box options as well as custom fabrication.

Here's a source on Etsy I found. Pricey at retail but they do wholesale and custom orders using handmade-to-order paper.
Brilliant, I really don't know what I would do without all this help, you guys are the best! Clay, Nashville had exactly what I had been looking for for weeks locally and no one had it, unless I had it made. Now I can focus on labeling and making chocolates. Then try my wares for the first time at a local Christmas craft fair to see how they do! Up and onward! Thanks again everyone! I owe you one!
Just being nosey but what did you do for the christmas fair..I make 3-d sleighs and trees etc
Nashville Wraps has some cacao paper window boxes. They are made of cacao leaves and come in 4pc, 5pc, and 9pc. Kind of pricey but they are fantastic! Not sure what they could be reused for but customers seem to enjoy that they are all natural and can be recycled. Good luck!
Ask and ye shall find.

This just in. The JL Clark company is offering digital printing on metal tins in runs of 500 or fewer, on 30 different shapes/sizes of tins.
We we just looking into alternative packaging and into investing into our own printer that would allow us to print directly onto box lids, tins, etc. The majority of our clients want custom packaging. (logos or custom designs with runs of 100 up) It would be interesting if we could offer this service to other chocolate providers. I would love to hear any other interest?


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