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I am looking to package my truffles and chocolates to one day sell but the only things I can find that fit are the standard white truffle boxes etc....boring in my opinion. The other option is gold, silver or black, again... my opinion kinda of old fashion. I would really like a rigid, recycled box ideally but can't find those unless i have them made, to expensive. I may be a little crazy but I want something that stands out not just for the chocolate but the packaging to, it would be great if it could be reused by the end customer. Any suggestions?

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What kinds of costs are we looking into here? I am just new and do not have a ton of money
You need to start somewhere and your packaging is always evolving. Start with something you can feel comfortable with whether paper, plastics, recycled and spice it up with your own flair whether it's in stickers, ribbons, etc.

Then when you have the budget you can move into something like Mod-Pac or Glerup and get your boxes built from the ground up custom. It's just a huge burden at the startup phase due to the run sizes.
I understand the craziness in packaging. I kinda went the other route however. I am a flights of fancy kind of person (also read ADD) ;-) so I brought in my other hobbies. I have made some glass boxes with Torches and Kilns. I also did some glass blowing for a bowl for my best friend's wedding. I realize this may be a bit off topic as one of your concerns was price, but I have utilized friends and family as well. For instance, our idea for Christmas was to have everyone decorate a box. I put in the chocolate and we do family friendly games to end up with a box other than your own.

I have several artistic friends who do tatoos and the like as well. I buy the blank white boxes in bulk and send them over. When they come back they are anything but boring. The reusable nature of these is a tad limited though. I have also found that small fundraising efforts can bring out artistic and more helpful individuals. Think Elementary school kids selling boxes of chocolate with hand drawn lids.

So anyway hello from a fellow newcomer. I hope something in all that helped.
Check out for some more nice boxes. I second the poster who mentioned Chocolat-Chocolat and finally, I use for my one level up for standard packaging. For my boxes I just give away, I use Mod-Pac. They are fantastic with turnaround time on a wedding boxes when you need custom imprinting.
custom-made boxes is expensive in US, but if you made it in China, it will be much more cheap. visit, it may helps.
You guys are all so cool...thanks and I will look into it..I already have some boxes but want to go another route at some point......I really am just a new comer but what i lack I make up for in enthusiasm..haha. What amazes me about this industry is that it is ever changing and one can never learn too much....
You should consider attending the Fancy food show in NY in June There are tons of companies that showcase their wares at the show. Also the philly Candy and gift show in September. there you will see samples and get many ideas for packaging. Good luck!
i run a chocolate workshop called artisan chocolate workshop and allways looking for quality boxes.

[ED: the author of this comment is in the UK - so is probably looking of UK/EU sources]


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