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I am opening my first chocolate shop by August this year, the original name for the shop is "Piece of Chocolate" but after a focus group participants did not like the name, they recommend for shorter, fulfill the concept and sound European mainly French.
Any suggestion!

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What about something like "Dreaming in Chocolate"
hi waleed,

Where the store will be located? may be it'll give me a good idea.... :-)
it is located in Jeddah City where I am living right now in Saudi Arabia
i think i'm with Clay- you should go with something related to your name...
my name is Moran and because i wanted something European for that my company name is
Morane Chocolat and the logo is "Morane- Le Chocolat Exclusif"....

i think it's nice to have a name that related to you.

let us know what you've decided

And good luck!
I like Clay's Neonato idea... Neonato Cioccolata or Neonato Cioccolateria sounds very European, exclusive, sensual, intimate and mysterious.

There's more to a name than just a name. You are creating a local brand for yourself, so you want it easily recognizable, and memorable.

Your business name is also a logo, and with a logo you can use basic images, symbols, and cool fonts.

Coming up with your business name/logo can be one of the most difficult steps of getting your business open, but is also one of the most important.

...and why does it have to sound European? It's your business. It can sound however you like it to.


Naming is always a big issue. Just FYI, I took a few seconds to research chocolate in the KSA and here's one article I found that might be relevant to you.

The KSA does not have a long tradition of chocolate in sweets so is similar to its neighbors in the region where the ingredient focus has long been on pastries, honey, nuts, fruits, and floral flavors, and so on.

Because of this lack of tradition, and the fact that Europe is generally held in higher esteem (rightly or wrongly) than the US when it comes to chocolate, the preference for a European-sounding name over an English name or even something rooted in Saudi tradition makes a good deal of sense to me.

With that said, it's very hard to even think of where to begin with the naming process without knowing a great deal more about how you want your brand to be perceived by the market, what you perceive its strengths are going to be, and more.

Always an intriguing process, but at the moment, I don't have enough information to even know where to begin to point you in the right direction.

:: Clay

Waleed (also Walid) is Arabic for newborn. The Italian for newborn is "Neonato" which has a nice resonance to it. It's vaguely European but unless you know Italian it might be hard to know exactly where from ... and to my American ears it also has a vaguely mid-eastern ring to it. The meaning is sort of nice for a brand new company as well.
Thank you Clay,

For the inputs.

In Saudi still there some people are interested in Gourmet Chocolate and they are travelling to Europe to bring the good chocolate, dark Chocolate business in coming to the country as well.
Europe for Saudi is a place for great chocolate

There are three pillars representing my business:
1. Intimacy with the Shop
2. Sensuality of the Product
3. Mystery inside the Packaging

Any name should reflect the above.

I will share the shop design sometime in the future here.
By the way, how did you know about the meaning of my name?
Waleed -

I took the time to look it up. I was looking to see if the name meant anything specific that might suggest a name for your shop.

Not too many things are more intimate, sensual, or mysterious than a newborn, eh?

:: Clay
Chocolate Confiseur

Grand Cru

Cabosse Chocolates

The Chocolate Concierge

This is just off the top of my head:

Design a really cool, modern, single color symbol which, upon looking at it, lets the viewer know they are to think of chocolate, and leave it at that - no name, no nothing. Just the really cool symbol.

To me, THAT stands out as much as a seeing purple painted guy wearing a speedo at a tuxedo show (and no I'm not smoking drugs!).

Another option would be to play on the evolution of today's peer to peer communication, using terms that are very quickly becoming mainstream - terms such as OMG. Then create a logo out of that, with the word "chocolate" in tiny letters under the OMG.

We've named our base drinking chocolate "OMG" and everyone giggles just before they order it, taste it, and then say "oh my god."

In my opionion (and this is just mine), the chocolate industry in general is stodgy and pretentious. There's no rule saying you can't do something refreshing and modern while at the same time making a fabulous product!



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