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I am opening my first chocolate shop by August this year, the original name for the shop is "Piece of Chocolate" but after a focus group participants did not like the name, they recommend for shorter, fulfill the concept and sound European mainly French.
Any suggestion!

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Thank you Sandra, I already thought of Cabosse Chocolates but in French but I am not sure yet.
In case you didn't know, cabosse is the French word for pod, as in cacao pod.
what do you think of

rivière de chocolat
I really love OMG chocolate, but probably put chocolate first for marketing. I'm new at this and have my first inspection tomorrow. I've done so many things to get going and the label on the package is my biggest holdup. That and the business plan. But for inspection I need to have the packaging, ingrediants/ contact info/ artwork on the packaging so I'm going with blank packaging for now and print labels which is more expensive but fits the budget right now.


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