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I was wondering if anyone knew some chocolate shops in Quebec worth to visit. I might have an opportunity to visit for a long time this year, so I also wanted to see if there was an opportunity to work in any good chocolate shop there. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!

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Absent any specific recommendations (I haven't been to Montreal in quite a while), you might want to try Chocomap and ChocoLocate. Both are databases of chocolate stores. Coupled with a Google search (chocolate +Montreal) and Yelp that's at least a start.

Here is a list from Chowhound.

Thank you, I'll look it up :)

If I were to travel to Montreal, I would visit Christophe Morel. I have studied with him. His chocolates are fantastic and he is also a very nice guy.

Wow, his work is great! I had no idea, thank you :)

Daniel -

I had forgotten Christophe was in Montreal. Doubleplusgood recommendation to that.

Chocolates by Chloe is also in Montreal - just down the street from Au Pied de Cochon.  

I prepared an itinerary for a travel and tourism program I am taking that was for a trip I would like to do to visit various chocolate places in Eastern Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Halifax) and the French Island of St. Pierre.  There are chocolate places doing bean to bar, hand made chocolates, gelato, etc.  I could send the itinerary in PDF, or I could extract out the names and links (if available).  I do have to disclose that I have not been to any of these shops, but in the future, if I have enough money, I would like to do this itinerary and visit them all.

As a follow up, I was able to make a trip up to Quebec and visited Choco Musee Erico 634 Rue Saint-Jean in Quebec City.  They have a nice museum recounting the history of chocolate, a window to watch the chocolatiers (video available when they are not in production), nice selection of chocolates and gelato and even make a bean to bar chocolate that while a rougher texture is very tasty, I regret not bringing back more.  Down the block is an historic grocery that is supposed to be the oldest in North America and they have a selection of chocolate bars. Chocolaterie de l'Ile d'Orléans 196 Bout de l'Ile Ch, Sainte-Pétronille is also worth a visit if you have a car because there is no public transportation to there.  They also have a small museum about chocolate in addition to a nice selection of chocolates, including casis and maple which are sourced locally on the island. They have a little patio where you can enjoy the chocolate, or walk down the road and you can have views of Chute Montmorency, the waterfall.


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