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I love chocolate!  So much so, that I went on to see if there were any songs written about it.  I found one girl, which I think has written one worthy of the chocolate ANTHEM.  Before I offer her to record it I wanted to check what people thought of it:


What do you think of it :) 



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Tim Maia, the Brazilian godfather of soul, has a great song about (and titled) Chocolate:

I like it! It has a very nice 50s sound to it.  I don't why but all the songs from that time period are quite pleasant.  Thanks for the link.  

I think of giving money to the girl to help her record her song.  What did you think of it? I like her concept of having a love affair with chocolate :)  
I think she also has a nice voice (not my favorite song)

I love it! It's so cute and catchy and I would totally buy it on Itunes. Thanks for sharing, I'll be sure to spread it around too.


This girl- Annelise LeCheminant also has a chocolate song, "Chocoholic". Much darker. Here's her myspace link.

I am glad you like it :)  I just listened to the "Chocoholic" song, but as you said, it is quite "dark".  
I will keep you posted on the developments and let you know once the song is released .


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