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I have a small pan for panning chocolate covered coffee beans. Building up by pouring choccolate takes forever and is a vast waste of time. It is also something of an art as if I go too fast I get "doubles" (where the product joins together). If I go too slow the chocolate seems to "starve" and becomes porous. I can't do a "continuous pour" as I need to stop & start a lot so as to avoid both doubles and "starvation" so I basically have to stand there for some hours as I build up.

I think that spraying could be an answer. The system needs to hold a decent amount of chocolate (min 20 liters pref 70 liters), be held at the right temperature, not make too much mess when the chocolate is atomised and probably be able to be controlled in appropriate "spurts" to give time for the product to harden between coats. It must be easy to clean too as I  use several types of chocolate including chilli which has to be well cleaned out.

I have looked around for a while but have only found systems that are both large and costly (around US$35,000) with lots of pipes coming in from holding tanks. I am seeking something in the US$6,000 range max that is simple and easy to use. Selmi have a brilliant system BUT it relies on electronics from their own pan which is very expensive (around US$24,000). Besides - I already have my own 15Kg output pan (which cost me less than US$2,000 delivered).

I am in Australia but am pleased to buy from anywhere.

Any thoughts would be really welcome!



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I would urgently like to know if the Krebs has a substantial air flow please? I am doing very light products (freeze dried fruit) and as they are so light I need as small an air plow as I can get.

Any thoughts please? I'm in a bind and need to purchase a gun as soon as possible.


Hi Colin,

I replied to you on the other thread- but yes, the material flow can be slowed right down to a minimum by using the food gun's power control knob.

Krebs Switzerland Electric Food Spray Guns

If the spray gun and the head are not jacketed for warm water flow then the gun will NOT work.

The tube, head and any connections must have 105-108F water running constantly to avoid crystallization. Remember you do not want to use tempered chocolate when panning or you will never achieve the yield and coverage. By heating the spray gun you insure a proper delivery temp.

Jim Greenberg, President
Union Confectionery Machinery Company

Hi Jim, the enquiry was 2 years old but I like your passion :-)

btw- we use airless and have a heated handheld version. We use a smaller and very different technology to yours which might compliment your product portfolio. 

Yes I have been in discussion with Colin for a few years.

We do not build new sprayers we sell them as brokers. Can you send me literature on yours and also advise if yours can supply pans from 16" diameter up to 42"?



Also - you need 80 PSI to atomize a fat-based material such as chocolate so the viscosity must be held at a constant (which is determined by fat content and usage temp).


The sprayer is not the answer. Colin.

Here is a great trick - get a wheel type machine like a JKV and cut a small piece of PVC pipe on a bias - 45 degree angle - and then rig the PVC into the mouth of the pan and let the wheel feed into it. The pipe should be 1" ID. You can walk away and let the chocolate flow freely. Now, that said, you must have proper air conditions as follows:

RH = 50% or /p>

Air Temp - 60F degrees is optimal

Air Flow - for a pan your size 100 CFM will work

If you deliver the air too cold or too fast the chocolate will set up too quickly causing poor flow. If you deliver an inadequate supply of air or the air is too warm you will get doubles and triples all day long.


Colin - you know you can email me anytime

Jim at unionmachinery dot com


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