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Continuously tempering machine (tap) & custom chocolate bars?

Hi all. I have been to Ritter Sport shop in Berlin and liked their idea of making custom chocolate bars right there with the chosen ingredients of each customer. They had a chocolate tap with continuously flowing chocolate and mixed some of that with the chosen contents eg. Nuts , biscuit etc to put into a mold and then in the fridge.
I would be interested in that tap and theidea of custom chocolate. Does anyone know where I can find one of those taps and how much they would cost europe?

Thank you!!

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I was able to find a picture online of the 'taps' - looks like any sort of automatic tempering machine could be used.  So you could look at a Selmi (various sizes available) - not sure of the pricing in europe but since most are manufactured there it should be less than north america I suspect.  Pomati makes various sized machines as well.  Chocolate World also sells something similar to the Selmi.  

The tempering machines used in the Ritter Sport shop are from a company called LCM. They are very good machines, but they are also very expensive and even the smallest size may be more capacity than you need. Ritter obviously has a lot of money to spend, so it makes sense for them to go with LCM.

If you are just starting out and you don't know your demand (you are in Cyprus), it makes sense to be a lot more conservative.

Tabletop continuous tempering machines can cost as little as €5000 ex-works and be able to temper up to 10kg per hour of chocolate (enough to make 100, 100gr bars). Floor-standing tempering machines that can temper up to 20kg per hour start at about €6900, again, ex-works.

Three smaller machines (one for milk chocolate, one for dark chocolate, and one for white chocolate) could give you the capacity to produce hundreds of bars per hour cost effectively. If you are interested, I have a relationship with FBM (Italy) that enables me to offer a 10% discount on tempering machines to ChocolateLife members.


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