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It's been much too long since I've had a chance to enjoy TCL website. I enjoyed Clay's trip to Paris and so many comments by those starting businesses. Starting a chocolate company? What a journey that is!
I thought I should reintroduce myself and see if any of you would be interested in sponsoring one of my Chocolate Tasting Meditations(tm). I'm an Interfaith minister with over three decades of experience in various forms of meditation. While on the staff of the Interfaith Spiritual Community and Community of Peace and Spirituality in NYC, I began leading short meditations using dark chocolate. Tasting meditation not only helps people who think they cannot meditate to learn, it also helps tasters to focus. The result is more discriminating chocolate consumers as well as better concentration, less stress and enhanced spirituality. I led one of my meditations at the Chocolate Salon in San Francisco (you can google me) and would like to do more shows. Various chocolate makers have sponsored me in the past. If any chocolate makers at TCL would like to sponsor me for future shows, I'm an experienced public speaker and can introduce your product to audiences in a unique way. Note that not all chocolate products are appropriate for the meditations. But contact me and we can discusss it. Email me at ...oh, yes, if anyone would like me to perform a wedding or other ceremony with a chocolate theme, I can do that too.
Gratitude & blessings,
Rev. R. M. Peluso

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