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I'm going to be doing a series of Chocolate Tastings in the fall at stores that will be carrying my chocolates. I've never been to a formal tasting like this and I'm looking for some direction. How many of my chocolates should I have available? One of every kind or just a select few. Should I give some sort of demo?  Talk about the different types of chocolate and ganaches involved in my work?  Maybe a questions and answer type thing.


If you have any ideas on how I can make this an entertaining experience for potential customers as well as the store owners I'd appreciate it.


Thanks, Mike

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Hi Mike


I've been to quite a few of these tastings.  They normally come form the angle of educating consumers about the difference between quality chocolate and the stuff they normally eat. 


Typically they taste good chocolate, starting with say 30% through to 70%+, and perhaps throw in a bit of 99%/100% to show them what 'pure' chocolate tastes like.  They also taste poor quality chocolate, to contrast the quality.


Inevitably people like white chocolate so have some of that too.


Good luck



I am learning about chocolate. So if I come to your store for sampling, I would definitely like to hear the different types of chocolate and ganaches involved in your work. How you make your chocolate great, the stories and inspirations. Make your tasting a fun event. You are not just selling sweets, you sell feeling. Hope this helps.


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