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Chocolate Technique: What would you like to learn more about?

I'm currently wrapping up a guide to fine chocolate technique. The expected audience is advanced hobbyists and those with professional aspirations. The finished manual will be released as a free e-book. Those of you who are new to chocolate or still actively learning: what would you like to see included in such a book? What have you found to be poorly documented, what has caused you ongoing frustration, what makes you say "wow, how did they do that"? Any feedback (however broad or specific) would be appreciated and will hopefully help others. Here are some of the topics already covered:

Characteristics of fine chocolate
Blending couvertures
Principles of tempering chocolate
Ganache composition
Overview of commonly used ganache ingredients
Commonly used tools and equipment
Slabbing and piping ganache
Dipping/enrobing bonbons

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I didn't see a discussion of 'conching' mentioned anywhere. That still is a bit of a mystery to me.

Also, how would you handle blending chocolate to dip biscotti in?
I've been looking for a hands on workshop about how to roast and prepare the bean
Small business idea's to start your chocolate making adventures.
How to make a Mold.
Why do you use some ingredients, ie, corn syrup, butter over none. what are the advantage or disadvantages?
What not to do....LOL

Let me know when this comes out, I'd love to see it being a newbie to making chocolate, all I am doing at this point is reading and drooling about making them.
Molding, definitely molding chocolate. I can make hand rolled truffles by the tray full, I can make slabs of centers, cut them and dip them in chocolate, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do molded chocolate. Everything I try, the chocolate goes out of temper.

Is this e-book now available? :)


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