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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a small - med size tempering machine, any advice!



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Hi Siham. There are several discussions on this forum discussing tempering machines and people's opinions of them. I'm linking a couple of them below, but there are many more that you can search for. 


Thank you so much Ben, I will read through the links to learn more before buying.


Hi Siham,

the question is not which is the right tempering machine size but what are you planning to do. I mean: kind of product and/or productivity.

Every machine has its own price, for sure, but, if you want a continuous tempering machine you will find useful also the accessories that allow a good range of products. Normally the bigger is the machine the easier is to add new accessories. Furthermore different capcacity (machine size) different production rate.

I would say, first of all, do you want a continuous tempering machine or a batch machine?

Then: variaty of products (example:molding and enorbing / bars and pralines), and how many products and chocolate per day or month.


Hi Giuseppe,

I would like to purchase my first tempering machine to use at home for molds and enrobing.

A batch machine that is big enough to shell 4-8 molds/ batch.

I am thinking of chocovision rev 2 1.5 lb capacity or ACMC tabletop 6 lb capacity. A big difference in the capacity for almost the same price. Also, I am not sure if I should start with chocovision mini or rev 1, same capacity of rev 2 for half the price!




unfortunatly I am not so experienced with batch tempering machines. I work in a company that can produce continuous tempering machines.

The main difference is that heating and cooling (in one word: tempering chocolate) are made contemporary, in a continuous temperer. While in a batch temperer you have to melt and then temper. For what I know (because till 2003 we used to produce one batch tempering unit), you have to use the tempered chocolate in a determined time to be able not to loose the tempering curve. While in conotuous system, chocolate that is not used go back into the melting bowl and it is heated again.

Batch tempering machine are, in general, less expansive than continuous. I am not sure this difference in price is kept if you start considering the enrobing features too.

Again, everything depends on you. Your production (continuous temperer are more productive) but budget too.



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