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chocolate topping formulas for soft serve ice cream

Does anyone have an idea on how to make chocolate toppings for soft serve ice cream?  We would like to include a chocolate dip on our menu, and perhaps maple, caramel, vanilla, etc., but we don't want the hard waxy shell from the paraffin wax.  The chocolate/chocolate compound needs to go on the ice cream between 70-75 degrees (we want to use real chocolate, but can't figure out how), leave a thin coat and firm up enough for a coating, but not a hard shell.

I've got thoughts running around in my head of how this can be accomplished, but I keep coming up with glitches.  We don't want to have to buy it.


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I've had good luck by just mixing a little vegetable oil into the melted chocolate. I've used this for a stracciatella gelato. Try playing with that.


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