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Has anyone got a trick or technique to use standard chocolate transfer sheets in a curved mold such as an easter egg or sphere mold?   I am trying to figure out a wall to "pre decorate" easter eggs in the molds with transfer sheets.   PCB Creations has terrific blister molds with the transfer decoration in the actual mold-- they are beautiful but when I tried to order them they informed me that that product has a colorant in it that the FDA did not approve and they can not ship them to the USA!   Bummer!   Does anyone have any ideas?   I do not want to airbrush cocoa butter in the molds either



Andy J

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Hi Andy,

Take a look of these plastic grill for decoration with variety of designs if it can help you with the decoration of the easter eggs.

Here an example of 3 design I chose for you and there is a lot more

Attachments: are these used inside the curved egg mold?  Not sure what you mean here?  

Maybe try using it as a band, instead of an all over print. The band would fit into the mold and not buckle in awkward spots.


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