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I am leaving for 3 weeks in Europe very soon. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if there is any chocolate worth seeking out in the following cities:


Please also let me know what your top two or three favorite brands of chocolate bar are, if you don't mind.


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Lauenstein (pralines) in Munich
You also should get Schell there (
Coppeneur in Germany, if you don't know them.
Zotter in Vienna (you can get it also in Germany).Filled bars are fun, Labooko are fine.
I've broght some bars by K.u.K. Hofzuckerbäcker L. Heiner from Vienna to try.
Tiroler Edler (Austria) works with Domori couvertuere - it might be interesting to try. For instance, their sugarfree composition.
The greatest choice in Vienna -
Matt, I guess you're going to be just in Vienna, but if you had a chance for a day trip south, I would definitely visit Zotter's manufacture. It is about 1.5-2 hrs from Vienna on a motorway (direction Graz). What makes it far superior to any shop is the heavenly smell! Plus you can taste everything, have a tour of the factory, see a film about cacao - best to find out more here Chocolate Theater
Also, round the corner from Zotter's place, there is a spectacular castle "Riegersburg".

Xocolat also make their own truffles and other delicious things at their premises in "Serviten gasse" and it is very close to their shop in Freyung. Actually, one of my favourite shops in Vienna that is also easy to find is Meinl am Graben. They have a decent selection of chocolate, but additionally other's great to have a lunch there!

Well worth visiting is also "Leschanz" in Freisingergasse 1 in the 1.district (and their workshop in Ballgasse 4), Mr Leschanz is known as the Schokoladenkoenig (chocolate king).

Enjoy your trip!

In Brugges check out Chocolate Line.
Suprisingly, I could recall my tripp to Brugge - Marie de Bruges, Walplein 16-18


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