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Went to Houston to show our daughter and Son In Law some of our custom made chocolates. We made them from scratch. We used beans fro the Ivory Coast of Africa. We machine ground the Beans to get the NIB. We used the process line machinery from BLT Process Machinery (from Largo Florida). We created the liqueur and tempered it. We re-heated the liqueur and poured the new Chocollate into our molds. While we are here, we are looking for an SLA 3d printer to convert our 3d solidworks files into Mold prototypes.

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There are usually design firms in large cities that will hire out their stereolithography apparatus to produce a part. Just be warned that as these machines use a stepper motor, their models will often have small ridges that if not smoothed really well after, will produce chocolate in the molds that mirrors these ridges and looks strange.


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