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I am looking for someone who can make chocolate truffles at an event. The gig is in February in NYC. Do you know of anyone? Thanks!

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Can you be more specific about the date? The Valentine's Day season is very busy for many. Also - about how many people are expected and how long will the event last? This will help people know if the are available to help you.

:: Clay
The date is Feb. 4. The event is in their offices from 5-7PM. There are around 300 people. What they would like is to give everyone 3 truffles in little boxes. So the majority would have to be premade but if some could be made there for people to watch would be great. I would need pricing on this. I don't know if one person would do the whole thing or if more would be needed.

Does that help?


Hi! What is your experience in the confectionery industry? How do you get the knowledge and work in your country?


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