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I am seeking a chocolate with no soy products added (including soy lecithin).  Can anyone recommend a maker?  Can be either dark or milk.  I know someone who is allergic to soy and would like to make some truffles for him.   Thanks.

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There are makers who use PGPR (polyglycerol polyricinoleate) instead of lecithin. Usually from castor beans.
Pretty sure that Patric chocolate products don't contain soy lecithin.
Michel Cluizel reformulated their chocolates years ago - 2002? - to remove the lecithin. Not just because of allergies but because of concerns in the EU over GMO foods. A great deal of soy is grown from GMO seeds and there are few sources of lecithin from soy grown from seeds that are not GMO.
I don't believe that Art Pollard at Amano Chocolate uses Lecithin, and his chocolate is fabulous.

Hope this helps.
Was checking that - assumed the same, but I see there is some lecithin in some of Art's bars.
As far as I know, De Vries is also lecithin-free. Personally I make a 70% that's just cacao and sugar, but it's processed in the same machinery as chocolate containing lecithin.
Patric, Amano, Domori and Amedei all are delicious choices with no lecithin.
My site lists the ingredients for all the chocolate bars and chocolate goodies.
You'll be able to find out right away if soy is included.
I agree with Mark Heim - most manufacturers will make chocolate with PGPR (polyglycerol poly ricinoleate). However, a chocolate does not have to include lecithin - it is added to a chocolate to reduce the amount of cocoa butter used - a cost saving. There is a synthetic lecithin used by some companies, generally referred to by its Cadbury code-name 'YN'.

If your customer is seriously allergic to soy products, make sure the company that manufactures chocolate with PGPR does not make chocolate with soy lecithin on the same equipment as there could be a risk of cross contamination.


Chris Taylor
Hi Danielle,

Coppeneur Chocolate produces dark and milk couverture without soy lecithin sourced from an organic plantation in Ecuador that grows Nacional Arriba beans.

You can order it on-line at

All Coppeneur single-origin bars are made without soy-lecithin.
From a purely technical perspective, commercial grade soy lecithin is so processed that it's devoid of soy protein, which is the component your friend would be allergic to. Sort of akin to eating french fries cooked in soy oil - there's no real risk of soy protein in RBO (refined, bleached oil). Lecithin is a highly purified extract, essentially, that is most commonly derived from soybeans. The extraction and purification process it goes through eliminates the allergen concern.

However, I do understand the concern and can relate to wanting to stay as far away from anything with the word soy in it, if you've got that allergy 8-)


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