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I am seeking a chocolate with no soy products added (including soy lecithin).  Can anyone recommend a maker?  Can be either dark or milk.  I know someone who is allergic to soy and would like to make some truffles for him.   Thanks.

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I've been following the company and Alexander Black, its founder, for many years now and will likely seem in at the Fancy Food Show in a couple of weeks. I don't see how any of the company's products are a fit for what Danielle is looking for. FF does not make or sell chocolate - just fudges and sauces.

What Danielle is looking for (I interpret from her post) is couverture chocolate without soy that can be used to create ganaches and to enrobe.
Hi, Danielle - I am a coffee roaster and chocolate maker in Washington State. I roast cacao beans and make chocolate bean-to-bar. I never put soy lecithin in my products. Origins available are Ecuador, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Let me know if you'd like more info!


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