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Hi All, Wondering if anyone can shed some light on the issue of wrapping.

Traditionally, chocolate bars were wrapped in aluminium foil.  But is there another way. Say a paper of sorts that will protect the chocolate just as well?

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks Tony

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Anything that's food safe. For instance, there's a video on here posted by Rogue Chocolatier that shows them packaging their bars in poly bags and then in envelope boxes. There really isn't a limitation other than the fact that what touches the bar must be food safe. Personally, I like the look of the envelope boxes and they should be more protective than a foil wrapped bar with an outer wrapping of paper. However, they're more expensive too, unless you want to get into designing and producing your own.
Like Deborah says, the wrapping that touches the food just has to be food safe.

I think you should take another look at what is wrapping the chocolate. Can you reseal it? Is it easily torn or will there be issues when wrapping? Are you wrapping small or large quantities?

I have received chocolate that has been not sealed properly on the inner seal due to mechanical problems during assembly. That is not a good process and inefficient. Many small batch chocolate makers simply hand wrap the chocolate in foil. Foil does not impart flavor on the food, but plastic can.
Thanks for that. I do beleive i will stick to the conventional foil method. Possibly for a few reasons. That foil is associated with chocolate and its what people expect when unwrapping a bar. I guess there's no getting around it.... Thanks T
Yes you can wrap them in cel o phane sheets & bind the same on top with twisters(coloured wire)Chocolates look best when exposed but if you are located in a hot tropical place like India we are forced to wrap them.
We are in South Africa so I guess its foil, foil foil..... Such is life!
Yes ultimately everthing bogs down to temperatures. This is just to add on an extra way of presentation which I do besides different colour foils.


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