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I am sure this is a horror story that has been discussed many times over - but it is a first for me.... And, I woke up this morning - and the problem still hasn't worked itself out.

The details:  I tempered dark chocolate last night.  Filled a brand new polycarb mould (just arrived yesterday from TOMRIC) with tempered chocolate.  This is my first time ever using polycarb moulds (so - I may actually be the problem, not the mould.)  I set the mould in a 68F room with a light flow from a fan across the mould.  After 10 minutes, I put the mould in the refrigerator.  After 20 minutes the choc wouldn't release - so in desperation I put mould in freezer.  Checking every 10 minutes - still no release.  I gave up after 30 minutes and put the mould in the refrigerator for overnight.  This morning - still no release and my husband suggested tapping gently with a blow hammer to the bottom.  HELP.

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I was under the impression that Tomric offered nothing but thermoformed molds, and not polycarbonate.  I could be wrong. 


Regardless, I suspect the challenge is that your chocolate wasn't properly tempered.


Did you test for temper before molding?  I highly recommend this for people just getting started in working with chocolate.


Can you post a picture of the mold?

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