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Anyone knows how/where can one get an "official" chocolatier or maitre chocolatier certification?

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Hi Daniela;

There's an online course called Ecole Chocolate ( that I have read good things about.  In fact I have even given thought to having some of my staff take some of the courses to increase their depth of knowledge.


Having said that, I'm not a firm believer in "official certification".  Throughout my career I've seen time and time again, certified professionals to be more or less incompetent.  I remember one instance, where I had to explain to my "certified MS network engineer" how to program the lookup tables in a router so that an external network connection on one subnet mask could talk to computers on our internal network on another subnet mask.  Another great example was explaining to a certified SQLServer DBA that the new replication features in SQLServer 2012 can be applied to an existing database by simply removing the primary keys from the tables and creating unique indexes on the same fields (which are essentaily the same things keys).  He was sitting there looking at me like a deer in the headlights while I explained it to him.  I gave him the assignment and in 24 hours he was giggling like a little kid because he had a 240 table database fully replicating in real time across multiple servers.


Oh.... Wait.... Sorry I'm a chocolatier, not a techie, and certainly not certified to offer that depth of technical guidance to a corporate dba.


Oh... Wait!  I'm neither, because I have no official certifications!  Haha!


Obviously there are certain accreditations that give us as a consumer a modecum of comfort, such as doctors, accountants, lawyers, etc, but even the majority of these professionals, in spite of getting certification are only right more or less 70% of the time (Scary thought eh?  Next time ask your doctor his grades in school and see how comfortable you feel about his advice after that!  haha!).


When it comes to the food industry, I will hire a person with true passion for their craft long before I even begin to consider a person with a grocery list of certifications after his/her name.  In my opinion, you will learn infinitely more by aligning yourself with a well respected professional, and continually experimenting with chocolate. 


Let the glory hounds go after their certifications, while you have fun pushing the envelope and creating cool stuff!




Haha thanks for the reply :) I've already done some of Ecole Chocolat courses, they're great, very recommended. I guess I wanted the "official certification" just to be able to say "I'm a chocolatier :)", because I've seen people here (in Costa Rica) who call themselves "chocolatiers" (and even Master Chocolatiers) but they only had one mini-course in a lame school or they don't even work with real chocolate. Then again, for one second there I forgot about passion :) and I guess you're right! I've met people with all those titles and stuff, but they lack the love and one can definitely sense that. Thank you again :)!

My wife is currently enrolled in the above mentioned course. I believe it's a good starter course for anyone who has very little knowledge of chocolate making


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