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Looking for an Artisan Chocolate maker to help us manufacture chocolate
by hand from the bean with all local ingredients here in the Dominican Republic.  We have an organic
farm that supplies a restaurant in our small beach front surf hotel,
and internal demand through the current customer base as a start.

A lot of the infrastructure is already in place through our other activities
including a retail location and a commercial kitchen, and marketing can
easily be handled in house.  I've taken a few chocolate courses, but
would benefit from someone with more experience who can manage

Our location in a Caribbean surf town provides a fantastic life for someone who
appreciates quality of life and surfing.  The person can earn
additional salary for down here if they manage the kitchen in the
restaurant in addition to manufacture chocolate- it kind of works well
together. The pay is relative to the cost of living down here though, just to keep things in perspective.

This could either be a full time position or contract for someone
looking for a working vacation to help us get through a stage.  Spanish
language and understanding of the Caribbean way  would be an asset. 

I've been reading the forums and using this site for a while, but this
is my first time posting.  Just thought I would throw it out there.  You can PM me if you're interested.

Thanks in advance~

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I cannot tell you how badly I want to take you up on this offer. The predominant breaks, are they rights, lefts, point, reef or beach breaks?...or....shudder...all of the above...

I am drooling at this opportunity, alas my business requires constant monitoring.

thanks jeff,

where we are is hugely underated surf - and ideal for the non pro. 3-6, 12 second intervals, left and rights, and even a couple fantastic point breaks on the island. lots of different spots from the see and be seen to breaks with no one around. it's part of what makes us give it up to come down here ..

oh, and great local organic ingredients to make chocolate as well!
sounds awesome robert. I spent way too much time surfing hanalei on kauai and miss the water desperately. alas this gig will should go someone younger without 2 mortgages, 10 employees, and a 7 day a week business...
Hi Robert -
Would love to learn more and connect . Can you email me directly at please?
Thanks! Alexandra
Hi Robert -
The opportunity sounds very intriguing. Would love to learn more. Even if I am not able I can be passing it on to those I know and have been meeting in classes and demonstrations. Kinds Regards, Alexandra
Thanks Alex,

It's a fun place for someone who appreciates this sort of lifestyle~
Hey Robert -
Sounds wonderful! I'll pass the word around with the chocolatiers whom I know. Also will Twit it since I have around 500 followers ( lordy kinow from where ) many who are nature and animal lovers. ( My Twitter name is finecocolat :-) Sweet Regards, Alexandra
Have you talked with Richard Donnelly in Santa Cruz, CA? I hear surfing and chocolate are his two loves, quite possibly in that order.


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