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Chocovision Skimmer/Dispenser and Enrober - Looking for Hear Your Experiences

I use Rev Delta machines for moulding chocolates and have always done this by hand (i.e., a ladle). I am considering introducing enrobed chocolates to my line, and came across the Chocovision enrober as one option. I'd love to hear anyone's experience with the skimmer, dispenser or enrober before investing in these. Thank you!

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He Glenn,

My enrober is definitely my most important piece of equipment. I have the Perfect 6 inch enrober. I have never seen the Chocovision enrober in action. I don't understand how it releases the chocolate. Most enrobers have a paper take off so that the enrobed pieces end up on a piece of paper. You then cut the paper and put it on a tray to fully crystallize. This chocovision is definitely the cheapest enrobing option I have seen. I wonder if there is a video of the machine in action?

Thanks, Daniel. That is what I was thinking, so am a bit perplexed how well it works in practice.


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