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The differences between Temper 1 and Temper 2 on Chocovision machines

ChocolateLife member Jan van Portvliet sent me the following question last week:

I am using the revolation delta. Great machine for what I do.

I have a question though and you might be able to give me an answer.

There are two tempering sets,tempering 1 and tempering 2. Tempering 1 goes back to the working temperature and tempering 2 first goes to the colder temperature and then heats up to the working temperature.

What is thedifference between the two?

I sent the question off to Chocovision and got the following response:

There are two temper modes; Temper 1 and Temper 2.

The Temper 1 cycle takes the chocolate from the set melt point to the set temper point. The Temper 2 cycle takes the chocolate from the set melt point to 3.5 degrees (F) below it, and then warms it to the set temper point.

In scientific terms, taking the temperature down allows the beta, alpha, and gamma crystals to nucleate more rapidly. Bringing the chocolate to the end temperature not only stops the nucleation of the alpha and gamma crystals but also melts out any alpha and gamma that have not transformed into beta crystals.

In a nutshell, Temper 2 gives more time (and better temperature conditions) for beta crystals to develop. Higher milk fat in chocolates inhibits beta crystal nucleation so Temper 2 is important to utilize, hoewever, it would over-thicken a chocolate that has no ingredient to inhibit crystal growth.

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Thanks for that Clay. Very helpful now I understand. I was always doing the temper 2, it takes a bit more time but knowing now that it makes the chocolate just that bit better is good to know.

I bought another Delta, great machine for smaller quantities.


Jan Chocogram Australia


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