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Hello everybody!

At this time, I am concerned about choice an enrobing cabin (coating cabin -not to be confused with enrobing belt or coating pan!) . So I decided to resort to the help of the collective mind. In particular, I very much hope to the council respected Clay.

I want to produce in my factory chocolate dragees with a soft core (ground dried fruits such as apricots, pears, apricots). 

I know that these machines makes a German manufacturer ( ). I would have bought it, but its price, like an airplane. They responded to my request. Minimum equipment worth 300,000 euros. And given the duty to my country, it will cost as much as two airplanes. It's too expensive!

However, I'm sure there are other options. I would be very grateful if you could recommend me a specific manufacturer.

Also I will be grateful if you could advise the manufacturer of equipment for the production of marmalade.

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300,000 Euros for a coating cabin? Wow. That must be a large, integrated system of some type. You didn't say anything about what level of output you require, so I have no idea if this will work for you. But I know that Savy Goiseau makes several models of belt coaters that look very much like the image you attached. The large one is rated at up to 50 kg/hour. I don't know what they cost, but I'm sure they're significantly less than 300,000 Euros.

Thank you! I know this manufacturer. I will contact them.

Capacity the machine that I am satisfied - 20-40 kg per hour.

I've already talked to them. They are very slow in answering.

Their customer service may not be great, but my understanding is their equipment is well-respected, and a lot of companies use it. I'm sure that Clay or others can add more about them.


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