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I just made a batch of chocolates that taste great, but have bloom.  I am suspecting the problem is the molds were not properly cleaned as there was no bloom on the chocolate on the bottom of the chocolates.  I have had similiar problems before.

Does anybody have a suggestion for how to clean the molds really well by hand (I don't have a dishwasher), or is there a good cleaning solution to use?




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Real Canadian Wholesalers (Similar to Real Canadian Superstore).  Both Owned by Loblaw's.  Hope that helps.

Thanks Brad. I think I found some locally, hope its strong enough!

Well, the ammonium hydroxide i found locally apparently wasn't strong enough.  Its 10% according to the label, and I started with very weak solution and increased the concentration until I literally couldn't stand to breath the fumes (even tried a few drops of full strength and that didn't do the trick).  The result was that the chocolate/cocoa butter was dissolved, but instead of staying in solution it coated my molds completely when i took them out to rinse. 

Brad/Ben---you're the only two that have confirmed using NH4OH, what concentration are you buying off the shelf?

Hi Mike,

What is the company in Canada you found that it supplies ammonium hydroxide?



They are called Kissner

I have been told by a notable chocolatier not to wash them out but polish with a shammy cloth. If you cleam them too often, more than monthly you will break down the polycarbonate .

Our bars have a lot of fine detail, and are cleaned with water/Amonium Hydroxide on a regular basis.  The same 18 molds (3 bars per mold) have made over 60,000 bars in the last 3.5 years and still look like new.  They are washed and then dried with a micro fibre cloth. 

Our teacher at all three of my classes at Callabaut said don't wash, polish.  I use those cheap make-up remover pads from walmart (less than $2 a pkg).  They are soft cotton but don't leave the little fuzzies the balls do.

Interesting and yes I agree that the washing is a real pain.  I went to a class with the technical advisor and they gave out Callebaut promotional materials.  Inside it listed common reasons for bloom.  Mold cleanliness was listed as a problem.  Go figure.


To make things even more confusing, I remembered ONE Callabaut teacher saying to wash, but don't use a grease cutter type soap.  Well, I thought all soap had grease cutting agents anyway... lol so I have no idea what type of soap will work, so I don't wash.  Just polish and I haven't had any trouble.  Sometimes the red colored cb residue stays on the mold, but the cotton pad wipes out fine. 

I watched him wash and then used an air gun to dry. 

What exactly are the " make-up remover pads from walmart (less than $2 a pkg).  They are soft cotton but don't leave the little fuzzies the balls do." Do you have a pic?

I think they are actually called make up pads.  Here is a picture. 


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