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Hi everyone, does anyone have any tips for cleaning a crankenstein cacao mill? My environmental health officer has said I need to clean and disinfect it somehow - any ideas?? I've tried scrubbing it with various brushes but I'm too scared to use liquid or detergent on it yet, any advice?

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Try asking the owner of as he both uses and sells these mills. You might also check the data sheet or ask the manufacturer.

As to your health inspector - he most likely does not have a clue about small scale cocoa/chocolate manufactures, most only know how to apply restaurant health codes dealing with possible health hazards such as meat/dairy/vegetable, etc… and they don't know what to do with something other as it is outside their knowledge base.

You might ask the several bean to bar chocolate makers what they do and how they explain to their various health departments their process.

Ok thanks for that, I did ask the EHO why he wanted it disinfected and got the impression he wasn't sure, will do some more research so that I can give him a better answer next time which will hopefully convince him it's ok.


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