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I'm teaching myself airbrushing of cocoa butter colors. I have a good background in airbrush work from my hobby of building plastic models.

However: what do you use as a thinner to clean the equipment after you have finished with one color and which to change to the next? Thinking alcohol would dissolve fats I tried Everclear with no luck (straight ethanol), hot water works poorly.

What works best?

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You don't need to clean between colors.  Take one color off, blow out as much remaining color as you can, attach you next color and spray again to make sure you aren't getting residual before spraying your molds or whatever.  You need to clean the sprayer when you are done.  Check Chef Rubber for a food-safe cleaner they sell for sprayers.


I use warm vegetable oil, especially when I am done spraying for the day or an extended period of time so that butter doesn't crystillize in the brush.


What type of airbrush are you using? I've tried a badger 250 and 350 (very simple design) and have had no success with them. I'm starting out with my cocoa butter at 90 deg. F.

I have experience with a badger 200 and Paasche single action using enamel and other paints.

Should I switch to a double action top loading airbrush?


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