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Does anyone have a great method for cleaning there polycarbonate molds. Everyone I read tells me opposing ideas and I only just got new ones and already am getting streaks in them. I have tried cotton balls but am not finding them effective enough and also worry that it takes off the protective cocoa butter layer..

I would love some suggestions. thanks

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There are several process that deionize water, distillation will do do it, as will reverse osmosis, and others. Basic deionization simply removes the ions and not things like bacteria (which distilliation and RO both address), but for the purpose of washing the molds... all we want is the removal of hard minerals (in the form of ions), which will coat the molds.

Basically, go for the cheapest demineralized, deionized solution you can (RO tends to be less environmentally sound). Most likely this will ammount to purchasing and then refilling bottles at the store. Obviously if you are getting to much higher quantities, you'll need to streamline things a bit.

If I was trying to cut costs, I'd use tap water to wash and then deionized to rinse... remember all you're polishing is either stuff you failed to clean off or hard water deposits.
Some recommendations for detergents and rinse aids
~low foaming
~neutral pH (as near 7 as possible not to exceed 9)

Max water temperature at any stage below 140F/60C

Using soft water and soft/demineralized water at final rinse.
Awesome - thanks for the clarification!
Thanks everyone. I have some very interesting ideas to work with.


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