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Hi All
I am in Haiti with a charity working to get some schools rebuilt. Everyone knows the scale of the tradgedy, though I am not sure people are aware of the strength and optmism of people for the future.

To rebuild, Haitians need jobs and industry. Cocao grows here. Can anyone provide a perspective on Haitian cocao ?

If of interest, I'd be happy to share what I learn.


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Last summer I received a sample from some guys who claimed to be "up and comers" in the Haiti cocoa scene. The beans were dried well, but completely unfermented. When I replied by email, saying that I won't buy unfermented cocoa, their reply was "Fermentation? What's that?".

That was the last I heard of them.

Other than that, I haven't received any other samples from Haiti, and won't let the experience with one grower cloud my judgement. If there are others, and they ferment their beans properly, and care for them during the post harvest process carefully, I would be very interested in reviewing samples, and possibly buying several tons on a regular basis.

Brad Churchill
Hi Brad
It's great to see such a positive response.
I am not surprised by your story - Hatians have great ag resources, but their quality control & market structures are extremely weak.

There is great potential here. As my work takes me out to the field, I will try to better understand the cacoa market, industry & players and will share with you.

I don't know much on Haiti and cacao, but wanted to tell you that it is an amazing thing that you are doing! I guess you know that...
Drew, are you still in Haiti? How is it/was it? Let us know!
Hi Ilana
Sorry that I was offline for a while.

I've just returned from Haiti. Things are definitely getting worse as the rainy season is closing in. Incredibly, not all people have tents or tarps but the shelter providers are doing what they can. On a more positive note, the health situation has dramatically improved, though again, the rainy season is a worry.

Happy to say that we just built a temporary school and will work with the UN to build six others. It's nothing more than a large shed with a tin roof, but it provides 600 kids with structure, learning and access to psycho-social counseling and medical resources. We hope to build 30 more.

Have not had chance to investigate Haitian cocao. That's on the to-do list for my next trip in a week or so. I can say that Haitian coffee is delicious. They have a habit of brewing it with sugar on the beans, it rounds out the any bitterness nicely - try it if you get a chance.

Really appreciate your interest. If you'd like, I'd be happy to send pics. Pls drop me a note at
I will do so. Great to get an update. Haiti is on my mind a lot ...


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