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"Cocoa and Chocolate Their History from Plantation to Consumer"

I just found this free online e book  (Click to view)
Cocoa and Chocolate
Their History from Plantation to Consumer
Arthur W. Knapp
and thought it may be of interest to those who have not read it before. Written in 1920, I would be interested to know how accurate this information is today. I live where there are not any books available to me on this subject. Thank you.
(All thanks go to The Project Gutenberg.)


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Great and interesting,
thanks for sharing,
Geert Vercruysse
Thanks Vercruysse, and yes, I thought so too.
IMO all of Arthur Knapp's books on cacao/cocoa and chocolate are worth reading.
I have to agree with Alan here. I purchased a reprint of this book off of Amazon several years ago after finding it on Project Gutenberg. A really worthwhile addition to my reference library.
Thanks Clay, will put it on my wish list, nothing like a hard copy to peruse.
sadly Amazon won't deliver to the West Indies.
Thanks Alan, I came across this by chance but am enjoying every page.
Knapp's book on fermentation is especially worthwhile...I've haven't seen it digitized (yet), but you can sometimes find copies on abebooks or alibris.
Thank you Seneca, that is a subject I really want to study., although, thanks to The Chocolate Life i have learned a lot I didn't know!


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