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I've attached a photo of two beans that were in my current batch. Is this basically the same thing in both beans? The bean has germinated and sprouted - the sprout is in the top bean and the bottom bean shows just a hole where the sprout has fallen out of?


Can someone confirm/correct me on this? And also, is my terminology (germinated, sprout) correct?


The next question is then - what impact on the final chocolate do these beans have? Is a few making it through OK or will they negatively impact flavour pretty quickly?


Thanks for your help

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You are correct, that hole is where the germ had perforated the testa (skin) when it germinated. And generally speaking, this is bad. When you have germinated beans in a fermentation, they are almost always the first ones to get moldy (makes sense, the perforated skin allows the bean to fill up with juice/microbes during fermentation. If your cacao has more than 1% of these, the source is not cleaning their cacao very well.

Great - thanks for your response.


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