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Hi All,

out of curiosisty, what can be done with cocoa beans shells?

we have quite a bit (few 100kgs..) and we are looking into creative ways to use them...

any idea around the chocolate globe?



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Amano Chocolate suggests garden mulch: "Today, cocoa bean husk is sold or even given away as garden mulch. For this, the husk is highly sought after. The husk is full of nutrients and has high concentrations of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous—all important plant nutrients. Its strong fibers help to break up the soil, and thus it is particularly useful in soils with lots of clay. When used to cover the soil, it helps to keep the moisture in and makes a beautiful ground cover. The best part, of course, is that it makes gardens smell of chocolate. What could be better than that?"

Others are using it to create tea.

Hi Adam,

thanks a lot! we were looking into this option, but i have read that is very dangerous if you have a dog (theobromine poisoning)....

But making tea seems quite a cool thing! 

We are also making body products! 

Do you know if it's possible to use the roasted shells to make tea, without any other special treatment ? 

Thank you !

I have a friend who does pit-fire pottery. She uses cacao husk from my bean-to-bar chocolate making in the fire pit to color various kinds of bowls, vessels, etc and it gives a beautiful look to whatever is fired.   Husk is good for garden mulch but not if there are dogs around - could make them ill.   I keep thinking I'll try making handmade paper that includes bits of husk, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

very interesting ! thank you Denise. Paper is another option, we have to try.

I wish you all the best for the new year :-)

Many of the nurseries near my home sell it in large bags -- 20 or 30 pounds or so -- for mulch, but Antonino is right.  It can be deadly for dogs, and since I have two, it's out of the question.  It does smell great however.  You go by the pile of bags and it smells of cocoa.  The tea thing sounds interesting.

Hi Nino,

Sorry, I expect my response is far too late (2 years is quite late!), but after a recent trip to Peru I discovered chocolate tea which is absolutely delicious. It's also full of theobromine (no caffeine) so has wonderful properties but is calorie free. 

I wondered where you sourced your cocoa bean shells? I am looking myself for a source of high quality cocoa shells suitable for consumption (ideally organic) so would really appreciate any info.

Warm regards


Becca -

Try getting close to one of the craft chocolate makers in the UK -- Duffy, Willie, etc., and see they will offer them to you.


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