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Hi All, I am looking for a good source of Cocoa Butter, small amounts <5kg, to start. Using it for my r&d for making my own bars.

I would prefer organic (whether certified or not). Single origin or blend, and not chemically deodorized.

I know this stuff is expensive, but I don't want to lose my shirt on buying cocoa butter...

Thanks, - Mark 

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Try .  They carry Callebaut & Pacari cocoa butters.  Just do a search and scroll down to the bottom of each page.  I can't speak to your other requirements but they have smaller sizes. 


Mark -

Having used it, I can say that Blommer's undeodorized cocoa butter is quite good. You have to order 1 tonne if you go through them, but if you call them you can find out the name of your local distributor. That's what I did when I needed some here in NYC - it was a restaurant/bakery ingredient company.

The price was quite good for what we got - only challenge for you going this route is that I believe the smallest size if a 35lb tub. That said, it will probably be one of the less expensive alternatives on a per-pound basis so it might not end up costing that much more than a more expensive cocoa butter in small quantities.

:: Clay

Have you tried cocoasupply? (.com)

I buy both deodorized and undeodorized from them.  They do sell amounts as small as 5-lb bags for pretty decent prices. 

Hi everyone, Thanks for this pointers. I had not thought of Jerry over at Chocosphere (duh, I've got an account with him). Clay, Thanks, I will look into that - I will try my local bakery supply house to see if they can get it. 35Lb isn't out of the realm of what I can start with. I've not heard of cocoasupply but will look into that too.

If I could get some Waialua Estates cocoa butter And 100% I would, but I don't think they make either.

Thanks again!


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